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1st Chamber Show

14th-21st October, 7 Coinage Street Penzance




featuring James Pimperton, Hadrian Pigott, Jesse Leroy Smith, John Keys, John Neilsen, Kate Walters, Louise Thomas, Lucy Willow, Philip Medley, Richard Ballinger, Rose O'Gallivan, Gillian Cooper, Sarah Poland, Rose Cecil, Volker Stox, Michael Rees, Tom Rickman, Rupert White.

short video of launch party:





'PANIC': 2nd Chamber Show

23rd - 30th October, 7 Coinage Street Penzance





featuring: Richard Ballinger, Rupert White, Gillian Cooper, Volker Stox, Rose O'Gallivan, Tom Rickman, John Keys, Stacey Ebel, Michael Rees, John Nielsen, James Hankey, Becky Haughton, Hadrian Pigott, Louise Thomas, James Pimperton, Simon Jacques, Jess Leroy Smith, Rose Cecil & Kaisa Karikoski



Video Night: excerpts

3rd November





Profiled artists

1st-4th November

Volker Stox, John Keys, John Nielsen, Becky Haughton




Young and hung

6th-13th November




featuring: Matthew Coombes, Sarah Holmes, Simon Jaques, Rebecca Kidson, Jonty Lees, Eloise Rowley, Gino Saccone, Lucy Young, George Young



Profiled artists (including 'Concrete hole you clench my soul')

15th-18th November



images from 'Concrete hole you clench my soul' curated by Louise Thomas and featuring work by Rose O Gallivan, Cat Bagg and Yasmin Inosin

Other featured artists were: Philip Medley, Michael Rees and Kate Walters


Final Chamber Show (including 'Touchpaper') passing mouse over photo will reveal name of artist in most cases



featuring: Richard Ballinger, Michael Rees, Emma Churchill, Paul Becker, Jason Smith, Jesse Leroy Smith, Kate Walters, Phil Medley, Patrick Brandon, Tom Rickman, Rupert White, Volker Stox, Rose O Gallivan, Lloyd Durling, Anna Jones, Yasmin Ineson, Nadia Hebson, John Keys, Gillian Cooper, Georgina Maxwell, Stacey Ebel, Hadrian Pigott, James Pimperton, Cat Bagg, Louise Thomas, Rose Cecil, John Nielsen, Patrick Brandon



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