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  Let There Be Light

Rupert Loydell

on Alice Mumford & Sue Leigh

Jamie Mills at Hweg

Martin Holman

St Agnes and the Crucible of Terror

Rupert White



 Gothic Kernow: Cornwall as Strange Fiction

Francesca Bihet

Reasons to be cheerful: Two exhibitions at Hweg, Penzance

Martin Holman

Joan the Wad and the Pixies

Paz Lenchantin

foreword to 'Magic & Modernism'


A Vista of Paradise’ from the Lamorna Colony Pioneers

David Tovey



  Doctor Strange

Rupert Loydell

on 'Blank Canvas' by Simon Strange (2022)

Lie of the Land: Notes on The Subversive Landscape

Martin Holman
Discovering St Ives - Early Visiting Artists

David Tovey



  Cornish Gothic today: Mark Jenkin's Enys Men

Rupert White

  MESKLA | Brewyon Drudh Podcasts

Sovay Berriman


'Changeover' at Hweg with Ben Victor Waggett

Martin Holman

A body, in parts, interjects

Lizzie Lloyd on Melanie Stidolph




Folk in Cornwall: music and musicians of the 60s revival

Rupert White

Excerpt from 2013 book

  Curation as Unstable Monument

Amy Shannon Halliday

On 'Unstable Monuments' Bristol 2022

  Cornish Fire Beacons

Western Morning News

An account of the revival of the midsummer bonfires 25.6.1929


Something new from repetition

Martin Holman

Response to the exhibition by Kleiner Shames




  The artist as spectre: a personal response to 'The Horror Show!'

Rupert White

  Freeez Island

Marianne May

Response to the exhibition by Jimeee Freeez

  What colour is three o’clock? Ithell Colquhoun and synaesthesia

Richard Shillitoe


  Remembering Alan Kent

Steve Patterson

'Solstice Late' at the British Museum

Stone Club


Brian Illsley: a resume

Ruth Guilding


Blue Tiger: Mary Butts in Cornwall

Rupert White


  Spirit of the Hedgerow

Sarah Hartnett & Lucy Stein



  The Burning of 'Lifting the Curse'

Tim Shaw





Pious Pixie: the life of Pamela Colman Smith

Dawn G Robinson
Give Un Fitz!

Rupert White

Play review

  Churton Fairman 1924-1997

Darren Banks

Film portrait of Churton Fairman (aka Mike Raven)

The Disoriented Deliberations of a Hopeless Romantic

Joseph Clarke

Essay statement

Fern Seed & Fairy Rings

Alan M. Kent

Book review


Hidden Voices

Martin Holman

Text written for Jonathan Michael Ray’s solo exhibition 'Mono No Aware'


  Flower Lore

Bessie Wallace (1939)

from 'Old Cornwall' magazine




  The art-colonies form

Rupert White

On the origins of the Newlyn and St Ives colonies

  Fountains of Hecate

Amy Hale

Written for Lucy Stein's 'Wet Room' at Spike Island

Sarah Ball’s Ordinary People

Martin Holman

Exhibition review

  'he had dreamed the goddess after her image': dreams and Destination Limbo

Richard Shillitoe

on Ithell Colquhoun's novel


  Negotium Perambulans...

E. F. Benson (1922)

short story


  Is Andrew Kötting's ‘Gallivant’ folk horror?

Rupert White


  Toby O’Brien: Eternal Life (The Miracles of Love)

Martin Holman
  St Just Ordinalia (The Passion)

Multiple contributors

video excerpts

  Virgula Divinatoria

Dr William Pryce

from 'Mineralogia Cornubiensis' (1788),


Two Poems

Alan M. Kent



  The Beacon at the Summit: messages from Cornwall in the summer of 2021

Benjamin Hallo

on the G7



Martin Holman

The Three Hares – A Sacred Medieval Westcountry Symbol

Tom Greeves


  Patrick Lowry's Auction House

Sara Bowler

from the exhibition catalogue


The Cornish Midsummer Eve Bonfire Celebrations

Cyril Noall

First published in 1963

Introduction to Wilhelmina Barns-Graham

Virginia Button

video on behalf of the WBG Trust


  Mike Raven's double bill of Cornish Horrors

Rupert White

The Tent-show Summers

Tony 'Doc' Shiels

Cornish Review article from c1974



Polperro - Cornwall’s Forgotten Art Centre

David Tovey


  Crying the Neck

Mrs Bray (1836)


Cornwall 1947-1948 pt 1: Mevagissey and Newlyn

Kathrine Talbot





Cornwall 1947-1948 pt 2: Zennor and St Ives


Kathrine Talbot


I paint you as a blue tree

Kate Walters

Dream fragments written in the early hours


Between lockdowns: Rick Stein's 'Cornwall'

Rupert White

On the BBC 2 series

Ithell Colquhoun's Magic of the Living Earth

Amy Hale

  John Adams: Local Legend

Alex Wade



Hepworth's Garden

Bob Devereux

  Summer with the Ruralists

John Read

16mm film from 1985

  Two Poems 2

Alan M. Kent



A St Ives Legacy

Bo Lanyon

Podcast with Gwenno, Hannah Murgatroyd and Lucy Stein

  Dreaming to Some Purpose: The Life and Times of Colin Wilson

John West

On the forthcoming documentary

  The Myth of Santa Warna

Ithell Colquhoun

Prose poem from 1948 inspired by St Agnes, Isles of Scilly.

Seven Painters

Kate Reeve-Edwards

Michael Porter, Lucy Willow, Gareth Edwards, Anthony Garrett, Andrew Hardwick, Marie-Claire Hamon & Richard Cook



Everyone knew everyone

Rupert White

A chapter from 'Monstermind: the magical life and art of Tony Doc Shiels'


Miss-Readings: Delpha Hudson

Martin Holman



Theory after Lovecraft: a warm cosmicism

Tony Whitehead and Phil Smith

A companion to 'Bonelines'



The Salthouse Gallery 1980-2010: a photographic memoir

Bob Devereux


In this world but not of it

Richard Shillitoe

on 'Genius of the Fern Loved Gully: The Supersensual Life of Ithell Colquhoun, Artist and Occultist' by Amy Hale

As the raspberry touched my throat




Lost in the Stars: lockdown, time & space

Martin Holman


  Festival/Gathering St Ives 70

Various contributors

Programme for the 1970 festival

This Charming Man: FT Nettleinghame and his piskey-empire

Rupert White

Realistic Manifesto

Naum Gabo & Noton Pevsner (1920)

  Banned Books

Steve Patterson




Planning Matters pt1: statement

Paul Chaney

  Planning Matters pt2: documentation

Paul Chaney & Anne Bala


  Celtic Cornwall

Monica Sjoo

  The Legacy of Susan Cooper's Greenwitch

Matthew-Robert Hughes

  Small Promethean Acts

Delpha Hudson



Summerism, paganism and The Wicker Man

Rupert White


  Electric Eden

Patrick Carroll

A response to Rob Young's book of the same name

  Newlyn Retrospect

Stanhope Forbes (1898)


Le Quartier St Ives

Ida Kar (1961)


Goonhilly Village Green

Rosanna Lowe


  The Torso Laughs

Ithell Colquhoun

An unpublished essay from the early 1970s discussing Aleister Crowley, Pat Doherty and their 'Sun-Child', Giair.

  Porthcurno's Lost Paintings

Mercedes Smith

St Just

Sam Hain


Surrealism in Cornwall: Pailthorpe & Mednikoff, Thomas, Tunnard & Colquhoun

Rupert White

  The Scientific Aspect of Surrealism

G W Pailthorpe (1939)



  The Goonhilly Chronicle

Phyllida Bleumel


The Sea has become my refuge...

George Monbiot on Sax Impey


Witchcraft, herbs and magic

Steve Patterson


The Tree of Thought: The Art of Kate Walters

Prof. Penny Florence

  Poems for Tremenheere

Sarah Cave, Rupert Loydell, Mat Osmond & Luke Thompson

exhibited as part of Kate Walters' 'Notes in the Garden'


Wall paintings in the Church of St Breaca, Breage

Liberty Grey


  Bait: wozzon?!

Rupert White

  Lost and Found: discovering the shorter writings of Ithell Colquhoun

Richard Shillitoe


  Steward Community Woodland, Devon

Daniel Thompson-Mills & David Spero

from David Spero's 'Settlements'




  Roger Hallam: The Time is Now

Senara Wilson Hodges & Greg Dennis

Talk in Penzance by founder of XR


Porthmeor Studio Portraits

Alban Roinard



  David Spero's Settlements

Catrina Davies

Also see 'exhibitions'


  Summercourt Fair

A K Hamilton Jenkin (1933)

  Letter to Cecil Williamson

Kenneth Anger (1956)

The Gypsy Switch

Jill Smith

Excerpt from new book

Recollections of Henry Scott Tuke

Tom White

From 'Tuke Reminiscences' (1983)

  Being Two Things: Jesse Leroy Smith and his ‘Force Majeure’

Kate Reeve-Edwards
St Ives International (pt 1) 'A Quality of Light'

multiple contributors

Excerpts from the 1997 catalogue


  St Ives International (pt 2) 'As Dark as Light'

multiple contributors

Original webpage from the 1999 event



Liam Martin

short video documentary

Kate Walters

Dr Richard Davey



Visiting writers and the fin-de-siècle

Rupert White on Virginia Woolf and Havelock and Edith Ellis


  EU projects funded in Cornwall

Mary Fletcher

summary list

Alastair Mackie

Coline Milliard

The Silbury Monument 2019 pt1

Michael Dames

extended essay

  The Silbury Monument 2019 pt2

Michael Dames

image library


Making Marks

Ben MacGregor

documentary on artist-magician Tony 'Doc' Shiels

Le Kov, a landscape...




  Roelof Uys: How to make a Teapot

Senara Wilson Hodges

filmed at The Leach Pottery



Mid-Winter Traditions of Eastern Cornwall

Alex Langstone


  The Morphogenesis of Modernism: Stein and the Sexed Universal

 Prof. Penny Florence

  Kestle Barton / Fourthland / Fowler

Fourthland and Rosalind Fowler

video documentary

Between Fog, Rocks and Poldark

Nina Royle


  Meditations in an Emergency

Lizzie Lloyd reflects on the exhibition at PCA by Simon Bayliss

  Roger Taylor's Truro

Rupert White


  Meinrad Craighead and the Animal Face of God

Mat Osmond

The Story of St Piran pt1: essay

Dr David Paton

  The Story of St Piran pt2: photodiary

Dr David Paton


  Roger Thorp: In Fields of Grace

Dr Virginia Button

  Groundwork pt3 (September)

Rupert White


   Laureana Toledo's 'Order and Progress'

Martin Holman

part of Groundwork





  John Peel's 'Sound of the Suburbs', Cornwall

Channel 4

included in 'Where it is, there it is...'



  The Life of St Samson of Dol

Thomas Taylor

Excerpt from 7th century manuscript

  The Shape of the Walk

Mark Surridge


Hamish Fulton in conversation with Dr Virginia Button

Hamish Fulton


Rosemary Lee's 'Passage to Par'

Graham Gaunt

Documentary record of a performance as part of Groundwork




Modern Survivals of Old Beliefs

L J Dickinson (1935)


Groundwork pt2 (June-July)

Rupert White


Ithell Colquhoun

From the new edition of 'Goose of Hermogenes'



Martin Holman on Janet Cardiff's 'Forty Part Motet'



  The New Celtic Review (1977-1984)

Colin Murray



Alan Kent on Helston's Flora Day traditions


Groundwork pt1 (May)

Rupert White


Togetherness: Notes on Outrage

Martin Holman

On the 2017 exhibition at Kestle Barton



Devil in the Detail: Latoon

Sean Lynch

An essay on the film 'Latoon' shown as part of 'Groundwork'


  St Ives Memory Bay

Shauna Osborne-Dowle

filmed in 2010, uploaded 2018


  Witches, fairies and the sacred sites of Cornwall

Rupert White

A response to questions asked by RCA MA writing programme



  Patrick Heron in Zennor and St Ives

Richard Demarco (1977)


  A Kind of Cultural Imperialism

Patrick Heron (1968)


The Berwick Church Murals

Photo-feature by Liberty Grey

Jessica Cooper: It doesn’t take much to make me happy

Martin Holman

Kent's Balti Celtic

Rupert White on 'The Incredible Balti Celtic Carpet Ride' by Alan M. Kent

Trevor Bell: Trans-form

Joseph Clarke

Robert Lenkiewicz, Ithell Colquhoun, 'Ancient Scent' and an alchemical experiment!

Steve Patterson


  Spirit Line

Field Notes on Byzantia Harlow


Pilgrimage/See for Yourself

Mary Beth Edelson

originally published in 1979

  The Sword of Wisdom: art, feminism and witchcraft

Rupert White

written for Hummadruz at Newlyn Gallery

  Women have always defined themselves, seen themselves, even painted themselves, in relation to men

Mary Stott

published in 'The Guardian' in 1971

  Portrait (Monica Sjoo)

Jane Jackson

digitised for artcornwall.org from 16mm


Taking stock of Ithell Colquhoun

Richard Shillitoe

  Simon Bayliss: Kangaroo Beach

Tom Stockley

  'My old man said be an Arsenal fan, I said fuck off, bollocks, you're a c**t'

Rupert White

response to 'The land we live in - the land we left behind'



it starts as a dust

Polly Gregson

written to accompany Liam Jolly's 'Between Us'

Origins: The Ecologist and Blueprint for Survival

David Taylor


The hummadruz at Zennor Quoit

Andy Norfolk


What is Ecological Art?

Richard Povall


  Something is not quite right

Richard Davey

Essay written for the exhibition of the same name

  Waking Glasney (2015)

Shauna Osborne-Dowle (with Katie Etheridge and Simon Persighetti)


  Robin Redbreast, rurality and British Folk Horror

Rupert White


Lexis Over Land: Towards a Feminist Geography

Nina Royle

Essay written for the exhibition of the same name

Trevor Bell Obituary

Joseph Clarke


  Robyn Denny

Martin Holman

Essay written for the exhibition of the same name

Hood Faire (featuring the Laceys) 1978

Photofeature Roy Perring


  Kitsch or Culture?  An examination of the landscape painting phenomena in South West England

Simon Bayliss



  Piskies, Spriggans and Knockers

William Bottrell (1880)

A summary description of Cornwall's 'elvin creed'



Frieze highlights 2017

Photo-feature by Field Notes


The Artist as Hero(ine): Modernism v Rebecca Warren at the new Tate

Rupert White


Glitch Studies Manifesto

Rosa Menkman

Part of Corrupting Data at FAG


  The Pagan Coast

Professor Ronald Hutton



A sign of the times: growth, but at what cost?

Tim Shaw

Open Letter



Liam Symes and Paul Hillon: Gestalt

James McColl





Phyllida Barlow's 'Folly'

Photo-feature by Field Notes



Banishment Workshop MOWM

Lucy Stein

  More notes from Iona

Kate Walters


The Existence

Joseph Clarke on David Kim Whittaker

  Remembering Rose Finn-Kelcey

Rupert White


  The Artist as Reluctant Shamanka

Monica Sjoo (2004)


Craig Weatherhill

  Concrete Abstraction

 Prof. John Baldacchino


Everything is NOT f**ked

Mary Fletcher



Monstermind: The Magical Life and Art of Tony 'Doc' Shiels

Andy Roberts


  Andy Norfolk's Meyn Mamvro covers

Andy Norfolk (with Barry Millard)



Seamus Moran

  On location: Straw Dogs in Cornwall

Rupert White


Rose Hilton: opening of the new gallery at Tremenheere

photos by Liberty Grey

Now, then, and again: between anniversary and HERitage

essay by Dr. Alexandra M. Kokoli



Ithell Colquhoun (1976)


On Celticity

Lucy Stein


Samhain at CAST

Multiple contributors


Bowie's St Ives

Multiple artists

David Bowie's art collection




The Interlace

Ithell Colquhoun (1970)


And then the weekend comes

Gordon Dalton on Carl Slater


  Well, it gets you out of the house…

Stacey Guthrie on ageism in the contemporary art world


  Breaking the Tabu

Monica Sjoo on her protest inside Bristol Cathedral(1993)

Ithell Colquhoun at Lamorna Village Hall

Liberty Grey

Little man...small pictures...big themes...

Stephen Prince on Cecil Collins




Plymouth Art Weekender: KARST

Liberty Grey



Plymouth Art Weekender: Ocean Studios

Liberty Grey


Disappearing into Land

Bryony Gillard on Lucy Lippard, Marie Yates and the landscapes of the West Country

  TROIKA 63-83

Malcolm Hill on the St Ives-based pottery

Falmouth Fine Art Graduate Feature (2016)

Field Notes


Phantom Cinema: James Turrell at Tremenheere

Rupert White

Five Years of Fish Factory

Rose Hatcher




Alex Murdin on the Exeter-based studio, exhibition and event space


  Dark Monarch (2009) slideshow

Liberty Grey


  The Society of Skilful Aunts

Robert Heath (1750)

on the wise-women of the Scilly Isles

SWARM (Pecha Kuchas)

Multiple contributors

  Becoming the hollow bone

Kate Walters on shamanic process in making art

I love Dick

Lucy Stein on 'Unstable Monuments'


Rescuing Ithell

Richard and Denise Shillitoe


  Sam Thorne: Self-organised practice

Field Notes at The Exchange

God Giving Birth

Monica Sjoo

  Bas Jan Ader, Falmouth and the Miraculous

Rupert White

A Twilight Zone of the Human Psyche

Mark Hudson on Tim Shaw


Advance into Retreat

Katherine Parker


  Dear Monster by Rene Halkett

Ursula Klimmer

(translated for artcornwall.org by Marcus Williamson)

  A Quiet Drone

Linda Taylor on Patrick Lowry

  Sandra Blow

Ian Massey

Patrick Woodroffe: Mythopoeikon

Marcus Williamson

David Tremlett at MOMA New York

MOMA Archives


Ithell Colquhoun and the alchemical transformation of Lamorna valley

Steve Patterson


  Pailthorpe and Mednikoff: Towards Surrealism

Dr Lee Ann Montanaro

  Tol: an evening of artist performances

3x videos by Alban Roinard

  Banning the bomb

Martin Val Baker

  Aleister MacAlpine: Ataturk Crowley: Randall Gair: Count Charles Edward D'Arquires (1937-2002)

Des Hannigan

  Tate St Ives Project November 2015

A video on the development project by Alban Roinard

  John Michell: Pioneer of The New Age

Marcus Williamson


Landscape Painters Anonymous

Simon Bayliss on painting 'en plein air' in 2015


The Sailing Surgeon: J.G.Moyle

Zelonie Moyle

  Colin Wilson: Strength to Dream

Marcus Williamson


Photos by Nigel Ayers

  Sandra Blow: a view of her working in her studio on a day to day basis

Ken Turner

Medea’s charms: the writings of Ithell Colquhoun

Richard Shillitoe

H.D. and Bryher: a modernist love-story

Prof. Susan McCabe

  Boscastle's Museum of Witchcraft and Magic 2015

Liberty Grey


  Denis Mitchell's Trewarveneth

Malcolm Hill

Letters from Cornwall


Witchcraft in Cornwall

Jason Semmens

Forgotten artists of industrial Cornwall

Rupert White

A response to Roger Ackling's Sun Histories

Lizzie Lloyd
  In the shadow of artists

Phil Whitfeld on the crafts-people of St Ives

John Michell: a memoir

Bob Forrest


Footsbarn Flyer (1973)

Jonathan Paul Cook

  The Bruce Lacey Experience

Jeremy Deller


Under the influence: artist portraits

James Hankey

Excerpts from 'A Potter's Book'

Bernard Leach

  The Fairy-faith in Celtic Countries: Taking of evidence in Cornwall

Henry Jenner

Waving or drowning: Hilton's Oi Yoi Yoi revisited

Steven Cousins


Paul Francis

Fascinate Showcase

Dominick Allen

Brenda Wootton: Cornish Legend

Gloria Knight

Open Provocation Festival

Nigel Ayers

The Fish Factory, Falmouth

Sophie Sweatman

  Sacrilege at The Heartlands

David Whealer


Daryl Waller at Pixelate

Ben Philpot

The Ordinalia, 1969

Sidney Higgins

  Perfect in the mind: a response to the sculptures of George Meyrick

Fiona Robinson

  Excerpts from 'The Antiquities of Cornwall'

William Borlase

The show must go on

Gabrielle Hoad


The British Art Show: In the days of the comet

Nigel Ayers




  Ray Exworth: A sculptor of probable genius

David Heseltine

How the Rural could save Modern Art

Matthew Fluharty

  The Reaction Story

John Snell

Roger Taylor unveils Tim Shaw's 'The Drummer'

Rupert White

  Ithell Colquhoun: from Lamorna to Lanhydrock

Helen Hoyle


  Cornwall: A Celtic Nation

Henry Jenner (1904)

Roger Hilton's 100th Birthday

Michael Bird and George Care

  Electric Eden: music and the British landscape

Rupert White

  Beyond the closed shop

Gabrielle Hoad

  The Art of Cornwall

Helen Hoyle

The Face of Penwith

Peter Lanyon

  Partou Zia: Painter of Dreams

Helen Hoyle


  The Thin Hiss of Flowers Screaming

Paul Newman

  Kerry Marshall Trengove: a memoir

Rose Garrard

The Wints

Richard Prest


Radical Ruralism: a retort

Steve Messam

Naomi Frears

Alex Wade

'The Falmouth Convention' video highlights

Various speakers


  Cornwall Folk

Grahame Hood

  The films of Alejandro Jodorowsky

Nigel Ayers

  Assisi, Birds, Mountains, Flowers

Kate Walters





Reclaiming the rural 1: Landscapes and modernity

Kristopher Kohler

  Reclaiming the rural 2: Rural microcultures

Kristopher Kohler

  Witchcraft and magic

Ithell Colquhoun (1954)

  From Hepworth's Garden Out

Nathan Thompson, Norman Jope, Stephen Middleton, Peter Gillies, David Grubb and Brian Louise Pearce

  Get in the Ring: Political Aesthetics

Rebecca Weeks

  The Last Bohemians: Robert Colquhoun and Robert Macbryde

Roger Bristow


David Spero





A little local difficulty: Gavin Turk and pasty politics

Rupert White

  Devil Worship HERE! 1950's articles on Rosaleen Norton, the 'Witch of Kings Cross'

Australasian Post

  Horizon Wales: Visual Art and the Postcolonial
Iwan Bala


Radical Ruralism: place, landscape, and rurality in contemporary art

Rupert White


  Cornwall: One of the Six Celtic Nations

L.C.R. Duncombe Jewell


George Dannatt

Brandon Taylor





Art in Wales: Politics of Engagement or Engagement with Politics?

Iwan Bala

Austin Osman Spare: English Satyr, Magus-Artist and Astral Visionary

Adam Daly


Skewjack circa 1971

Graham Shephard

The Frequency of Modern Life

Mark Titchner

Art, objects and ‘superabundance’

Delpha Hudson


Bob Law: a reappraisal

Richard Saltoun and Karsten Schubert

Artists in Newlyn and West Cornwall: 1880 - 1940

Peter Waverly

Satyrs and sigils: the artist-occultist Austin Osman Spare

Paul Newman

Notes from London Art Week 2009

Joseph Clark





Jim Ede and Kettle's Yard

Sebastiano Barassi



Barrie Cook

Alex Wade


Awake! Albion Awake!

Peter Woodcock

Glasgow, Julian Schnabel and 25 years of Transmission Gallery

Rupert White


The Unknown Guest

Paul Newman

The Landscape

George Bataille (translated for the first time into English by Patrick ffrench)

This Weekend? A personal response to two events

Joanna Thomas


Occult Surrealist: Ithell Colquhoun and automatism

Richard Shillitoe


Art in aspic: rural artists breaking free from the mould

Alex Murdin


A note on reverie

Michael Bird

The Future Ain’t What It Used To Be…

 Stephanie Wessell


Supernature: a response

Patrick Brandon

Sir Joshua Reynolds: The Acquisition of Genius

Sam Smiles

Too Many Objects, Not Enough Radical Nature

Chris Fremantle

The art of collaborating: from Michelangelo to Warhol and beyond

Rupert White

Anthony Gormley's Fields

Emma Duester


Joseph Clark

Matthew Lanyon: New Paintings

Alex Wade


The Launching of the Pier Arts Centre

Margaret Gardiner


Banksy versus Bristol Museum

Nigel Ayers

Venice Biennale 2009 Part 1: The Giardini

Rupert White

Venice Biennale 2009 Part 2: The Arsenale

Rupert White

Venice Biennale 2009 Part 3: Martin Boyce, Susan MacWilliam and Kennedy Browne

Rupert White

Travelling Light

Peter Freeman


Oasis: the paintings of Marie Claire Hamon

Cathy Watkins

Rare Sighting in the Haldon Hills

J. C. C. Mays on Colin Sackett


No more heroes: a response to 'Lets Play Records'

Rupert White

Lawrence Weiner: biography and resources

Various authors

Distributed art of invisible networks: notes on network politics

Magda Tyzlik-Carver


Haste Slowly

Peta-Jane Field on Trevor Bell



Altermodernism: helpful or harmful?

Rupert White


Silent Harmonies: The Art of Jeremy Annear

Jane Hamilton



Roger Coleman


'The New Landscape': from a point of view on the work to a being in it?

Harriet Hawkins


Remembering Gwyther Irwin

Nick Wadley


Westcountry Carnivals and Folk Traditions

Various authors

The Lure of the Local

Lucy Lippard

Westcott's Gallery, St Ives

Rupert White

Luke Frost and the Tate St Ives residency


Alex Wade


Prima Vista – Black, Red And White 12 July 2005

Clare Wardman

Opening the window, the white bird flies in

Kate Walters

Contextually sited contemporary practice in rural areas

Veronica Vickery

On Arnolfini, artists' books and buy nothing day

Nigel Ayers


Revolver Book-launch

Volker Stox, Jesse Leroy Smith, Alan Livingston

An artist’s response to Elisabeth Frink

Fiona Robinson


Putting 'Revolver' in its place: a new eclecticism

Rupert White

A boundless manifesto comes to Tate St Ives

Peta-Jane Field on Heimo Zobernig


New art-spaces in Bristol

Laura Mansfield


The Captains Cottage Triptych: Dwelling and Loss

Rebecca Weeks

Dominant Wave Theory: The Work

Chris Short on Andy Hughes' photographs



Dark Ecologies: Reflections on Paul Chaney at Goldfish


Robin Mackay


MA Fine Art: Contemporary Practice 2008

Nigel Ayers


David Falconer & twelve years of the New Millennium Gallery

Peta-Jane Field


Nature Morte

Robin Mackay


Ralph Freeman: Porthmeor Jazz

Alex Wade

Contemporary Drawing Practice and The Drawing Show

Kate MacFarlane

The Pack 1969 - 2008

Rupert White


Creative Cornwall

Nicolas Serota


The Transformed Total: Margaret Mellis’s Constructions

Michael Bird
  Alfred Wallis and after: naive and outsider art in Cornwall

Rupert White

Dawn of a Colony


David Tovey




Starry Nights and Endless Miseries

Paul Newman


Richard Ballinger at Cornwall Contemporary

Jesse Leroy Smith

Two writers' responses to LAF 2008 pt2

Alexandra Glanville & Mark Greenwood

Two writers' responses to LAF 2008 pt1

Mo Bottomley & Megan Wakefield

The Museum of Witchcraft: a short history


Graham King


The Genuine Article

Alex Wade on Tim Shaw

The St Ives School of Painting: a brief history and personal view

Roy Ray


Bullans Court: the home and studio of Sandra Blow in St Ives

Jonathan Grimble

. Relational aesthetics in Cornwall: a reflection on 'Transition: Curators edition'

Rupert White

The new Leach Pottery pt 1 and 2

 Simon Leach


Abolition of Work

Cornford and Cross


More v Social Systems: a response to Virginia Button

Rupert White



Tales of the Unexpected

Megan Wakefield


Cornwall: New Voices

Kate Jago



"Art Now Cornwall ?"

Joseph Clarke


'Transition' Archive

Blair Todd and Steven Tanner

  Wheal Art Weekend: history and folk memory

Megan Wakefield