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Black Mirror: Magic in Art

Arts University, Bournemouth   23/11/17-1/2/18

Curated by Dominic Shepherd











Suzanne Treister



Suzanne Treister



Tessa Farmer 'The Singing Barrow (inside a Bincombe Bump)'. Sound by Mark Pilkington.



Tessa Farmer (detail)



Mark Titchner (detail)



Dominic Shepherd 'Judgement'



Judith Noble 'Moon & Dream Diaries'



Dominic Shepherd 'The Wand'



Jesse Bransford



Judith Noble 'Mysteries' and 'Red Sea'



Lindsey Bull 'Undergrowth (series)'



Marie Von Heyl 'The Alien Object Manifesto'



Paula Rego



Sian Bowen 'Silent Freeze Mirrored: 1' & 'Descriptions True & Perfect: Sway'



Tom Butler (detail)



Tom Butler



Willem De Bruijn 'The Veil and Lattice' (handbound book)


Photos by Isabella Lilley.

Also see 'interview' with Dominic Shepherd (curator): http://artcornwall.org/interviews/Dominic_Shepherd_Black_Mirror.htm