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Dexter Dalwood

Tate St Ives  23/1/10 - 3/5/10







1971: Works from the Tate Collection

All works were selected by Dexter Dalwood and were made in 1971


 Robert Morris: Neo Classic & Rita Donagh: Reflection on Three Weeks in May 1970


Bryan Wynter: IMOOS


Margaret Harrison: Little Woman at Home John Davies: Young Man


Ewa Partum: Active Poetry 1971-1973


Dan Graham: Two Correlated Rotations (1970-1972)


1971 also includes works by Doug Heubler, Christo, Philip Guston, Roger Hilton, Barbara Hepworth, Oscar Kokoschka, Hubert Dalwood, Eduardo Paolozzi, Howard Hodgkin, Naum Gabo, Andy Warhol, Pablo Picasso.See 'interviews' for interview with Dexter Dalwood.