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Inland Art Festival pt1

Boot's Building, Redruth  25-29/9/14



'The Playing Fields'

Emma Smith, Linder Sterling (with Tate Collective St Ives and Wigan Young Souls), Abigail Reynolds, Julia Vogl, Rosalie Scheweiker and Jo Waterhouse, Alexander Schierl, Rachel Mclean, Rupert White, Pablo de Laborde Lascaris, Helen Murgatroyd, James Hankey, Elisa Juncosa Umuran, Wil Chappell and Ben Wayman.


 'Assemble Now'

Shaun Badham, Noel Betowski, Ilker Cinarel, Ann-Marie Fairbrother, Jessie Giudici-Mumford, Alex Goodman, Helen Grant, Lee McDonald, Stuart Robinson, Stephen Smith, Sorcha Tudor Williams & Oliver Udy


The main festival organisers were Alice Mahoney and Field Notes (Cat Bagg and Rosie Thomson-Glover) http://inlandartfestival.org/