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Inland Art Festival pt2

CMR, Back Lane West, and Fish Factory, Redruth  25-29/9/14



'The Players Club': CMR (curated by Claire English)

Claire Stockings-Baker, Ros Bason, Mary Fletcher, Ron Ford, Rob Gawthrop, Adam Grose, Jonathan Hayter, Fred McVittie, Laura Menzies, Morwenna Morrison, Jayne Anita smith Frances Walsh


The Players Club: Back Lane West

Arabella Pio, Roderick Maclachlan, Phil Magee, John Wood and Paul Harrison


The Player's Club: Fish Factory at the Council Chambers (curated by Rose Hatcher)

Anna Ljunberg, Lee Mcintyre, Stuart Robinson


The main festival organisers were Alice Mahoney and Field Notes (Cat Bagg and Rosie Thomson-Glover) http://inlandartfestival.org/