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John Keys: Awakening

James Turrell Skyspace, Penzance  24th & 25th May, 2009



pictures above: Awakening (x2)


John Keys painted the 'Awakening' triptych specifically for the James Turrell Sky space at Tremenheere gardens, where it was temporarily installed late in May, 2009. Keys considers it 'a space for contemplation and reflection of both self and place....a meeting point of earth and sky, where one becomes acutely aware of oneís position at the interface between these two worlds'.

In recent years John Keys has focused on liminal or threshold spaces as a means of examining an individualís journey. 'Awakening' is particularly concerned with the presence of light, both physical and metaphysical within human experience. 'The triptych aims to reflect the monumental and transcendent qualities of the sky space and to enhance an experience that is both tangible and otherworldly'.

The paintings were made using Nature Paint artist medium (composed of naturally occurring minerals) mixed with linseed oil, water and natural pigments on linen. This imparts a delicate chalky quality to their surface.

Awakening is dedicated to Brother Bernard, who died on Ascension Day 2007



pictures above: the new Skyspace as it was in late 2008, and the original Skyspace 1999(x2) commissioned by St Ives International as part of 'As Dark as Light'