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A Cornish Perspective

Royal West of England Academy 31/5/09 - 5/7/09


This summer the Royal West of England Academy, Bristol hosted "A Cornish Perspective", a major exhibition of work by current members of the Newlyn Society of Artists. Also featured within the exhibition was a selection of historical pieces, including works from the society’s founders.

The society currently has over 150 professional artists working in a variety of media such as painting, mixed media, photography, printmaking, video, installation and performance. The Newlyn Society was founded in 1896 by a group of painters from the Newlyn Art Colony whose figurative paintings concentrated on land and seascapes and the industries around them such as fishing, mining, and farming. Past members from its early beginnings such as Norman and Althea Garstin, Lamorna Birch, and Dame Laura Knight, were included in the show. The Newlyn Society’s famous post-war period was also represented with works by Paul Feiler, Terry Frost, Roger Hilton, Patrick Heron, Barbara Hepworth, Bryan Pearce, and Karl Weschke.

The exhibition was curated by RWA Academician Denny Long.


Contemporary works in 4 main galleries by Ian Brown, Bren Unwin, Roy Ray, John Charles Clark, Michael Donnelly, Alessandra Ausenda, Peter Webster, Angie Munro, David Symonds, Peter Fox, Delpha Hudson, Susan Boafo, Samantha Sand-Holmes, Lisa Wright, Marie-Claire Hamon, Rose Cecil, Naomi Frears, Belinda Whiting, Jesse Leroy Smith, David Whittaker, Camilla Nock RWA, Louise McClary, Kate Walters, Nicola Bealing, Richard Ballinger, Volker Stox, Carole Ann McDowall, Rachael Reeves, Gareth Edwards RWA, Mark Surridge, Michael Griffiths, Michael Calver, Neil Canning, Nik Strangelove, Mark Surridge, Margrit Clegg, John Keys, Julia Giles, Carole Ann McDowall, Barrie Cook, Rachael Levine, Vince Tutton, Stephen Dove, Nicola Buxton, Claire Burke, Anthony Frost, Maggie Meadows, Marilyn Middlemiss,  Susan Kinley, Rose Hilton, Bernard Irwin, Denny Long RWA, Jessica Cooper RWA, Gillian Cooper, Simon Averill, Russell Hedges, Daphne McClure, Ian Penna, Kenneth Spooner, Barbara Karn, Martin Grimshaw, Catharine Armitage, Carole Page Davies, Patrick Haughton, Simon Pooley, Clive Blackmore RWA, Margo Maeckelberghe, Jeremy Le Grice, Phil Whiting, Sarah Poland, Partou Zia, Bernard Evans, Tamsin Woodford, Marion Taylor, Audrey Evans, Daphne McClure, Robert Jones, Philip Hogben, Dorothy Searle, Stuart Ross,  Janet Lynch, Alan Lake, Susannah Clemence Anne Wallace, Phil Darby, Rupert White




Historical works in Milner Gallery by Terry Frost, Patrick Heron, Joan Gilchrest, John Wells, Barbara Hepworth, Breon O'Casey, Wilhelmina Barns-Graham, Michael Finn, Dorothy Bordass, Tony O'Malley, Michael Canney, Clifford Fishwick, Peter Lanyon, Denis Mitchell, Bryan Wynter, Alexander MacKenzie, Maurice Sumray, Bryan Pearce, Mary Stork, Marjory Mort, John Miller, Morwenna Thistle-Thwaite, Fred Yates, Mary Jewels, Jack Pender, Sandra Blow, Paul Feiler, June Miles, Roger Hilton, Karl Weschke, Midge Bruford, Fred Hall, Charles Simpson, Lamorna Birch, Charles Walter Simpson, Alethea Garstin, Frank Bramley, Harold Harvey, Laura Knight, Walter Langley, Stanhope Forbes, Ernest Procter


photos by Nik Strangelove