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Pheonix, Exeter  16/7/10 - 1/9/10



'Nexus highlights the way that artists operate within broad networks, often starting with their geographic location but also functioning through their personal and professional relationships, creative practices and intersections with other networks and organisations.

Four Exeter-based contemporary artists have invited artists from their own personal creative networks – both within and beyond the South West region - to exhibit alongside them in this group show. Bypassing the usual curatorial process, Nexus has evolved through a process of negotiation and cross-fertilisation, as well as creative serendipity and friction. New and unexpected relationships and outcomes are thrown up, which both centre on and reach out from the artists’ own city.

By bringing into play the idea of the garden as a symbolic format for the presentation of these works, the four original artists (Gabrielle Hoad, Francis Ives, Volkhardt Muller & Felicity Shillingford) not only highlight ideas of growth, cultivation and cross-pollination, but more broadly of cultural landscape and a sense of geographical place'.



Participating artists: Gabrielle Hoad, Rupert White, Sally Barker, Francis Ives, Jockel Liess, Adam Bone, Volkhardt Mueller, George Lazenbleep, Alex Schikowski, Felicity Shillingford, Pria Kundi, Katie Etheridge.