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Nil Desperandum

Knill House, St Ives    12/12/09 - 24/12/09



Lunchbreak, 2008, BridA / Tom Kersevan, Sendi Mango, Jurij Pavlica


Harvest, 2009, Ann Haycock


L to R     Knill Desperandum, 2009, Doug Jones    Preserved Dreams, 2009, Rita Heck     An Invitation, 2009, Randy Richmond         The Sacred Hour, 2009, Anna Howarth


Foy Pour Devoir: The Story of Nettie Barnshaw, 2009, Charlotte Young



Woeful Willemina, 2009, Hayley Lock


One Hand in my Pocket Optimism, 2009, Oliver Braid


Installation view including Ghost Wings (Nil Desperandum) 2009,  Ally Mellor


John Knill was the mayor of St Ives in the 1767. He is remembered now for building the Knill Monument: a mausoleum and local landmark on the outskirts of the town. Nil Desperandum (or 'never despair') is the Knill family motto and it provided the title for the exhibition curated by recent Falmouth University College graduates, Phil Rushworth and Sally Noall.

Participants were: Anna Howarth (Cornwall and London), Doug Jones (London), Hayley Lock (Sussex), Ally Mellor (Cornwall), Oliver Braid (Glasgow), BridA (Slovenia), Ann Haycock (Cornwall), Rita Heck (Germany), Randy Richmond (USA), Therese Sunngren (Finland), Lois Wild (Cornwall), Charlotte Young (London).