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Virginia Woolf: An Exhibition inspired by her writings

Tate St Ives

10/2/18 - 29/4/18



Vanessa Bell 'Portrait of Virginia Woolf' 1934 (right)


Louise Bourgeois 'Avenza' 1968 (foreground left)


Alina Szapocznikow (foreground)


Claude Cahun


Gluck 'Medallion (YouWe)' 1936






Birgit Jurgenseen '10 days 100 photos' 1980 (central)


Eve Fowler 'With it which it as it if it is to be' 2016 & Geta Bratescu 'Hands' 1977




Eileen Agar 'Angel of Anarchy' 1936 & 'Angel of Mercy' 1934


Agnes Martin 'Morning' 1965 (central background)


Lucy Stein 'Book of Shadows' 2017 (background left)






Penny Slinger


Shana Lutker 'Um No4 (Portrait)' 2017 (foreground)


Wilhelmina Barns-Graham 'The Blue Studio' 1947


Carol Bove 'Le Sphinx Rouge' (detail) 2015


Winifred Nicholson 'Boat on an estuary' c1928



See interview with Laura Smith http://artcornwall.org/interviews/Laura_Smith_Virginia_Woolf_Tate_St_Ives.htm