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A Tale of Mother's Bones: Grace Pailthorpe, Reuben Mednikoff and the Birth of Psychorealism

The Exchange  19.10.2019 - 4.1.2020





Reuben Mednikoff: The Red House (1935) & The Blue Hill/Ball, Plank and Hill (19 September)1935


Reuben Mednikoff: No title (17th September, 1935)


Reuben Mednikoff: Sea Shells (15th September 1935)


Reuben Mednikoff: Copulation Dance/Barn Dance (1935) (foreground)


Grace Pailthorpe: Twice Nightly (15 December) 1938


Grace Pailthorpe: Wind (3-4th October) 1935


Reuben Mednikoff: Stairway to Paradise (20-21st March) 1936




Grace Pailthorpe: No Title (June 28th) 1935


Reuben Mednikoff: No Title (3 January 11AM - 4 January 6PM) 1938


Reuben Mednikoff: The Flying Pig (10th September) 1936


Reuben Mednikoff: No Title (31st January) 1936


Reuben Mednikoff: Bengal Colonel (25 December - 18 January) 1945



Curated by Hope Wolf (see interviews), with Rosie Cooper, Martin Clark, Gina Buenfeld & Blair Todd. Exhibition toured from De La Warr Pavilion and Camden Arts Centre.

Also see Lee Ann Montanaro (2010) http://www.artcornwall.org/features/Pailthorpe_&_Mednikoff_Montanaro.htm