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Exeter Phoenix 18th Sep – 5th Nov 2008


Phillipa Heywood and Mandy Barber


Jon Spencer


Thomas Smith and Julie Marsh


Onya McCausland and Menna Angharad


Mae Fong Tam and Christian Mieves



Amy Watson and Day Bowman


Mark Stopforth and Ross Jones


eco is now in its 3rd year. The eco selection panel, which this year shortlisted thirteen artists for the exhibition from a record 330 applications from all over the world, consisted of several prominent figures from the region’s arts scene.

Awards included a £1,500 prize for best overall artwork (HW Business Advisors), £500 prize for best South West based artist (St Austell Brewery), £500 prize for best new media artist (DNA Advertising) and a special Exeter Phoenix award for best art student entry. South West based arts magazine Proof also offered one (eco) 2008 artist of their choice a feature and the istormmodern gallery on Exeter Quay selected one (eco) 2008 artist for an exhibition.