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Art Now Cornwall: Opening night pt.2

Photos and text: Toby Weller                                      click here for pt. 1


1. Richard Cook with painting "Boat Cove"
2. Partou Zia with her painting "Burning Bush"
3. Artist Ged Quinn who's painting "Alseep by the Light of Glow-Worms" was on display
4. Andy Hughes with his photograph "Gwithian Beach"
5. Richard Nott with "Striation A"
6. Susie Cuttle
7. Sisters: Sharron Page Stocks and Frances Stocks
8. Shaun Cowlishaw and Hamish Caird
9. St Ives Artist Ylenia Haase
10. Laura Leigh, Rebecca Lewis, Rosa Matic, Maria Gracida Price and Sawile Charlesworth (spelling correct!)
11. Andy Whall next to his "In an Atlantic wave"
12. Falmouth College of Arts students Gemma Beere and Chloe Griffith
13. Dr Dick Whall, Ex head of fine art at The University of Coventry
16. Lucy Willow with her "Untitled" piece
17. Marion Taylor, Graham Gaunt, Andy Whall and Lucy Frears
18. Graham Gaunt and Lucy Frears
19. Designer Emily Harnett and Artist Sarah Poland
20. Hilary Spurling, Writer and Biographer of Mattisse

all photos copyright: Toby Weller available for purchase

Reprint orders: www.tobyweller.moonfruit.com  or toby_weller@yahoo.co.uk

                                                                                                      click here for pt. 1