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In 1990 some recordings were produced for a film about Churton Fairman’s later life as a sculptor and sheep farmer, but the tapes sat on a shelf for over 20 years and the film was never made. In 2014 Darren Banks was given permission from Churton's family to edit the rushes, and piece together this 15 minute documentary which was shown in Darren's exhibition celebrating Churton's work ‘The Raven’ at the New Art Gallery Walsall, in 2015.

Music: Brenda Wootton, 'Tryphena Trenerry' & 'Tamar' from album La Grande Cornouallaise (2007). Andre Caplet 'Conte Fantastique' (1919) Special thanks to: Many Fairman-Dick, Sydney Kilbey, LUX, Ele Carpenter, Workplace Gallery, The New Art Gallery Walsall.Edited by: Darren Banks.