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Kate MacFarlane on Contemporary Drawing Practice and The Drawing Show

Kate MacFarlane is co-director of The Drawing Room, London and was co-curator of NSA: The Drawing Show in The Exchange, Penzance July-September 2008. Recording by Steven Paige.



  Pt 1: Introductions  

Talk at the Exchange


The Drawing Room


Rachel Whiteread, Adrian Searle and Tacita Dean at the Drawing Room



Pt 2: Main discussion: NSA artists are compared with artists who have shown in The Drawing Room. Images of drawings used in the talk are shown below.



Nasreen Mohamedi


Rachel Goodyear


Cath Campbell


Charles Avery


Nogah Engler


Axel Antas


Russell Crotty


Katja Davar


Lucia Nogueira


Robin Rhode


Franziska Furter


Reece Jones


David Musgrave


British Museum


Yves Tanguy


Ruth Claxton


Polly Apfelbaum


Adam Dant


Ernesto Caivano


Monika Grzymala



Pt 3: Audience questions (questions can be heard if sound is turned up)






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