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'Solstice Late' the British Museum

Photos courtesy Stone Club



Solstice Late - which took place on 17.6.22 - was organised by Jeremy Deller, Stone Club and The British Museum. It included a Druid blessing, a Heresy Fashion show, Zakia Sewell DJing to an audience dancing on the front lawn, talks from archaeologists Julian Richards and Seren Griffiths, folk horror revivalists Jim Peters and Hellebore’s Maria J Pérez Cuervo and authors Justin Robertson, Andy Burnham and Annebella Pollen. Then a series of films were shown, many made especially for the night, from Jeremy Deller, Gwenno, Broadside Hacks, Stone Club, Brian Catling and Rose Ferraby.

Stone Club: Recreating prehistory since 2021. Founded by artists Lally MacBeth & Matthew Shaw, Stone Club was set up as a place for stone enthusiasts to congregate, to muse and most importantly to stomp to stones. Stone Club believes the journey is as important as the destination and encourages people to pause and think about place in new ways; connecting ancient sites through community and conversation Stone Club aims to bring new perspectives to prehistory in a collaborative and inclusive way.