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'For 12 years I have lived in Taunton, Somerset, on the edge of a floodplain for the River Tone. At times of inundation the meadows take an overspill of displaced water from the river and become transformed overnight into great lakes. My previous studio, and my home, overlook these events. Whilst the floods can be traumatic for many people regarding their property, livelihoods and ability to travel, they appear to have been an integral part of living in this area for thousands of years. The waters echo the first stage of Nigredo - covering, obliterating, breaking down and removing.

Calendar 1 (2014) is part of a series of practical investigations aiming to understand and record aspects of alchemical nigredo in relation to our local landscape, particularly the cyclical inundations of water we have experienced recently and how our psyche is affected by the temporary loss of the familiar in such an environment. Sequential images document the action of lime-rich water dripping from a leaking roof and falling into a black plastic bucket placed beneath.....a metronomic, trance-inducing soundtrack to the studio I was working in at the time. Each photograph fixes a point of movement, of water shifting states, and suggests links to tidal motion, lunar forces and the accretion of matter through calendrical slow time'.